• Signing I Call From Paris


    It's much more than your industrial, citizen weights, reputation or even money. It's all about your philosophy where your consciousness meets by coherence your convictions & actions.

    ➡️ If you do think also, it's time to create the International Climate Agency, For Sustainable Peace & Security for the Planet & Humanity.

    ➡️ Join & Sign below the Letter, by completing the form, as Global Citizen concerned!


    The Official Letter is addressed to Queen Elisabeth II & Chief Raoni Metuktire,

    Ms Angela Merkel & Barack Obama, in Cc to Global Leaders.




    "Building climate change and impact solutions".

    Ben O. (RUSSIA)


    "I believe we need a stronger independant voice to challenge the status quo

    and accelerate the transformation of our economy".

    Nicolas P. (NEDERLAND)


    "For engage and development the global union and local union

    to the governability and governance the favor human rigths and all forms life!

    Andrea L. (BRAZIL)


    "Climate is a worlwide public good"

    Amine T. (FRANCE)


    "People want solution for climate challenges"

    Pradeep M. (INDIA)


    "We need to bridge partnerships between developing & developed countries"

    John W. (US)


    "Because the ICA represents an important tool in the fight against the climate crisis".

    Verner V. (UK)


    "Be pleased to participate with my expertise to this project"

    Jean-Patrice G. (FRANCE)


    "This is urgent to manage our earth and the climate like a relevant global project:

    align the vision, define objectives and milestoens, identify and mitigate the risks, plan resources..."

    Samuel L. (FRANCE)


    "Join the people who have the same conviction,

    join the force to maintain a sustainable living environement for all of us".

    Si C. (CHINA)


    "Climate change is real. the biggest ever threat to the existence of planet earth

    is Global warming and climate change".



    "Work on NetZero targets is a must"

    Harish A. (INDIA)


    "We need to have a politically and financially independent organism to look at how we can present,

    as much as possible, further climate change and to help us prepare to live with its consequences".

    Eric C. (FRANCE)

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