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    ICA, International Climate Agency

    For Global CITIZENS I The Call From ParisEMERGENCY


    By the NetZero Coalition

    I 10 November 2021

  • ICA, as a Global Climate Institution

    Sustainable Peace & Security for The Planet and Humanity


    Officially Addressed to

    Global Civil Societies

    Official CALL to Join forces

  • Officially Co-addressed to

    Alok Sharma, Chairman of COP26 & Boris Johnson, Prime Minister UK

    Cc: Ms Angela Merkel, Mr Barack Obama & Global Leaders



    Dr Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol, Caroline Dama, Dr Pradeep Monga, Fabrice F. Seng, Jon A. Weiss

    Global Founding Citizens of the NetZero Coalition


    Letter also sent personally in Cc to:

    Chief Raoni Metuktire, Chief Kayapo Representative, BRAZIL,

    Named Honorary Co-President Ethic Council of International Climate Agency

    Queen Elisabeth II Mountbatten, UK & Commonwealth,

    Named Honorary Co-President Ethic Council of International Climate Agency


    And Other Global Leaders, among which:

    Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane, Vice Prime Minister of SAUDI ARABIA

    Joe Biden, President of USA

    Jair Bolsonaro, President of BRAZIL

    Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary UNFCCC

    Pope François, VATICAN

    Antonio Guterres, Secretary General, UNs

    Kamala Harris, Vice-President of USA

    Xi Jinping, President of CHINA

    Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of JAPAN

    Christine Lagarde, President ECB, European Central Bank

    Emmanuel Macron, President of FRANCE

    Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of INDIA

    Vladimir Poutine, President of RUSSIA

    Cyril Ramaphosa, President of SOUTH AFRICA

    Ursula Von der Leyen, President of EU Commission



    Paris 10 November 2021


    SUBJECT: Official Letter to Global Citizenship I Pledge to create ICA, International Climate Agency

    The global emergency need to build-up the Climate Augmented Thermometer & Compass for XXI Century: monitor and anticipate for Sustainable Peace & Planet.



    WHY I Climate change disaster series are ringing the bell for Deep Investment frontiers and Political Reboot

    • Increasingly each year millions of people are being impacted from massive and (un)recoverable damages. 
    • The Butterfly Effect is in fact incentivizing new forms of Governance capabilities, especially for the Financial Services and Insurance industries, with ESG capabilities integrating technical political and societal solutions.
    • New definitions of financial risk are raising higher and broader standards: advancing new material understandings for the need to progress toward trillions of dedicated investments.
    • Due to this, a new kind of governance and collaboration is needed, within and across borders, if climate, carbon, energy, water, land-use & biodiversity programs are to be kept on track to scale deep and fast enough to meet the goal the 1.5°C target.
    • We need to break down the silos between climate, biodiversity and land agenda, and promote integrated, inter-disciplinary, multi-tracks and systemic approaches.
    • We need the Thermometer & Compass of XXI Century to converge governance, financial interests and agendas.


    WHAT I We urgently need to create The International Climate Agency, ICA.

    • The “Common Tool” For “Common Good” in our “Common House”
    • The new Measuring & Guiding Equipment, fully dedicated to Climate solving and mission driving for Generations to come: monitoring and anticipating Climate Change for All and helping to solve the Crisis Equation based on national advances (and advances from all types of stakeholders, cities, civil societies, etc)
    • A “Common & Distributed Tool” for planning and monitoring climate change mitigation and adaptation, from local to global levels and reverse.
    • To produce the best & accurate climatic data, powered by the cooperative and dedicated infrastructure of Super-computers of “Geo, Space & Data Engineering for Climate”. This is the ARPANET for Climate & Earth Digitalization & Processing : “OSOPON, One Sky, One Planet, One Network.
    • To give full access on Data/Information/Knowledge Management for all Decision Makers and Civil Societies.
    • To co-build the Agreement module for “Geo/Climate Engineering and their global utilizations & side effects”.
    • To support the Paris Agreement by adding a “NetZero Agreement for Accounting & Transparency”.
    • With at the Top of that, the Ethics Committee as same level force as the UNs Security Council.


    HOW I Acceleration for strong impact, by Building, Shifting, Empowering, Raising.

    • Building the “Dream Team”, by Highly Recognized and Respected Leaders, Ms Merkel & Mr Obama (Official Letter)
    • Shifting rapidly our biased approach, by: fully pivoting from a curative to a preventive angle, through times. The Brotherhood basis for XXI Century, may be inspired by the “Overview Effect” from the International Space Station.
    • Empowering the Top of cooperation know-how & willingness for a Full-stack Governance & Representativity: 
      • Civil Societies, Global Public & Private Partnership, Inter-governmental Bodies, and Institutions
      • Mobilization of public and private sustainable finance
      • Scaling up private sector participation
      • Global headquarter, with continental, national & regional hubs
    • Raising everywhere Integration and system approach: 
      • From climate consciousness to knowledge management for the right actions to deploy on the ground.
      • Break silos between various agendas (climate, biodiversity, water and food access, etc.)
      • Inclusiveness & fair: irrespective of religion, gender, nationality, social condition, etc


    WHEN I Signing and Acting Now.

    • ICA is all about the future of everyone and those to come. For the ignition, as Witness pioneers, we unanimously name Chief Raoni Mektutire and Queen Elisabeth II, the Honorary and Tutelary Presidents of the ICA’s Ethics Council for Humanity.
    • Today, as member of the Planet Village (no matter your back-grounds, ages, genders, countries, jobs, etc), we invite you to sing now this Official Call From Paris To Glasgow, if you think it is The time to make it. If you want to act by this multi-stakeholder Body, just being part of the solutions makers, “from Everyone to the Best Talents”.

    Join forces, as Global Citizenship

    “One Sky, One Planet, One Network”.


    Beyond Pledges I November 2021

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    addressed to




    in Cc to Global Leaders, among

    Queen Elisabeth II & Chief Raoni Metuktire, Ms Angela Merkel & Barack Obama


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    addressed to



    All Global Citizenship