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    ICA, International Climate Agency

    For Global LEADERS I The Call From ParisEMERGENCY


    By the NetZero Coalition

    I 10 November 2021

  • ICA, as a Global Climate Institution 

    Sustainable Peace & Security for The Planet and Humanity



    Officially Addressed to

    Ms Angela MERKEL

    Germany Chancellor

    Willy-Brandt-Straße 1


    Official Demand to be CoChair ICA

    Mr Barack OBAMA

    Former US President
    Coalition For The Obama Presidential

    Center Community

    63rd St, CHICAGO

    IL 60637, USA


    Official Demand to be CoChair ICA

  • Officially Co-addressed to

    Alok Sharma, Chairman of COP26 & Boris Johnson, Prime Minister UK

    Cc: Global Leaders & Civil Societies



    Dr Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol, Caroline Dama, Dr Pradeep Monga, Fabrice F. Seng, Jon A. Weiss

    Global Founding Citizens of the NetZero Coalition


    Letter also sent personally in Cc to:

    Chief Raoni Metuktire, Chief Kayapo Representative, BRAZIL,

    Named Honorary Co-President Ethic Council of International Climate Agency

    Queen Elisabeth II Mountbatten, UK & Commonwealth,

    Named Honorary Co-President Ethic Council of International Climate Agency


    And Other Global Leaders, among which:

    Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane, Vice Prime Minister of SAUDI ARABIA

    Joe Biden, President of USA

    Jair Bolsonaro, President of BRAZIL

    Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary UNFCCC

    Pope François, VATICAN

    Antonio Guterres, Secretary General, UNs

    Kamala Harris, Vice-President of USA

    Xi Jinping, President of CHINA

    Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of JAPAN

    Christine Lagarde, President ECB, European Central Bank

    Emmanuel Macron, President of FRANCE

    Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of INDIA

    Vladimir Poutine, President of RUSSIA

    Cyril Ramaphosa, President of SOUTH AFRICA

    Ursula Von der Leyen, President of EU Commission


    Paris 10 November 2021


    SUBJECT: Official Letter I Demand to co-chair the ICA, International Climate Agency I The global emergency need to build-up the Climate Augmented Thermometer & Compass for XXI Century: monitor and anticipate for Sustainable Peace & Planet.



    Dear Chancellor Merkel, Dear President Obama,


    WHY I Climate change creates increasingly new Frontiers, provided by disaster series. As for COVID, it is challenging our inter-governance processes for a global response, but with a longer trail effect. Until now, we are still not understanding how far we are in these exponential impacts: societal, even civilizational crisis, because we don’t have the right tools to monitor.

    Is it a fatality? Are generations ahead already climate condemned? Multi-transitions are needed, in the short term. If the world’s geo-economic regions are facing different tempos in their transitions, we are all in the same retro-loop for the NetZero target. And the UNs Sustainable Development Goals could be harder to achieve if we don’t recognize, at its roots, that Climate impacts are already threatening our ability to have Sustainable Peace & Planet to live in. Six years ago, by your deep understanding, Ms Merkel and Mr Obama, you were among the key Decision Makers in establishing the Paris Agreement, framework of future stability. And we thank you again for that.


    WHAT I Today, having the right tool to anticipate is not a need, but mandatory. As crises are already pre-planned if not well defined, we do think we must urgently create the International Climate Agency, acting as the “Climate Augmented Thermometer of XXI Century”. Because we must accomplish the hardest thing mankind has ever done: fighting collectively against an invisible but tangible common enemy, Climate Change. This proper tool, by better lightening the roads of the NetZero World, will help everyone, everywhere to transform this greatest risk into the greatest opportunity forward. ICA is the raw material for a massive and distributed cooperation, by building-up the Earth & Spatial infrastructure Network (“ARPANET” type) for Climate: “OSOPON, One Sky, One Planet, One Network”, powered by inter-connecting the capabilities of supercomputers dedicated to Climate & Earth Modeling for Monitoring and Projections. ICA’s mission will be to deliver the Upgrading and Open-Source Models, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Information and Knowledge Management to all Decision Makers and Citizens, playing the role of collective enabler (change management) for this fast-track transition needed in only One Generation!

    By this, the potential of “blue ocean activities”, cultures and prosperous generations could be a concrete hope to these two great expectations worldwide: 1/reconnecting to the Earth Roots & Rules 2/and in same time, connecting to the NewSpace Adventures. This will be the tribute we will collectively offer to the Future of Humanity. But we only have a decade to 2030 to build the right tracks and tempo: making this driven mission happen for good? Or definitively switch to obscure chapters for years…?

    This is our choice, in our hands.


    HOW I With its dual opportunity & risk-based approach, we need the best designed minds to make and pilot the ICA. This is “the” journey where we must overcome the partisans and specific interests with the “Common Good” on the top. We can only do it by aligning the brilliant People and capabilities with these principles and leadership, allowing all World Citizens to enjoy the same right to live with a climate friendly and a sustainable natural asset. Ensuring that the Universal Climate is a common, fair and inclusive access under the sky, is in coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals, and indeed the mission of the UN Security Council.

    Biodiversity, Land Use, Energy and Water Resources are all issues converging with Climate related Finance & Data. We need an International Agency to ensure the holistic approach and operational inputs for the financial, economic, social, geographic, political and cultural transitions. For this to happen, our habits and patterns must move in an updated and new humanity convergence, from cultures (past, present, future), mindsets, models, and our philosophical relations to time through politics and business agendas. The mandate is to preserve generations from the dangers caused by themselves and Earth reactions, recognizing the geo-physical limits of the Planet Resources & Climate Quality, and at the same time have an Economy fully ESG (Environmental Social Governance) compliant, as our common new standard. To make it happen, we need to break inefficient silos and cope with the best practices of mankind for wisdom and innovation.

    At meta level, we need an ICA Ethics Council. We have decided symbolically to nominate two Great Chief Representatives, Queen Elisabeth II for her strictness through long-term stability and Peace, and Chief Raoni Metuktire as a pioneer of Consciousness to highlight to Humanity for years the absolute necessity to respect and protect Tropical Forests, our most powerful continental carbon sinks. We need now to deliver on the ground the “daily and distributed scheme for Climate monitoring and anticipation, data based ” (ICA).


    WHEN I Now, we give priority to maximize time and resources in a fully driven mission, embedding the cooperative & conscious people. We must be focus, save time avoiding blame & shame, or too many protests as much as possible. Since we know the reality and impacts of climate change, many stratagems are chronically delaying action: waiting for better regulations, good tempo for elections, or even waiting for the right moment for a better market fit, or Return On Investment, etc It took quite 40 years to go to the Paris Agreement. Today, we know we must be NetZero within 25 years. Are we facing this at scale? And what could be the exponential climate phenomenon locally, regionally, and globally? Our lifestyle frontiers are already moving for the COVID pandemic period, but for the longer term in the face of climate change, humbly, quite nobody is really ready for.

    We must realize this fast-track shift, to preserve the resilience of all our entire systems plugged on Earth, by engaging all civil societies at the same level of representation, contribution and force. The Public and Private Sectors will be better and more strongly ready to empower the transformations at the speed and scale we need. While forecasting the weather is quite easy, even for financial players, it is still extremely difficult to forecast with the best precision the kinetic of climate change, due to the multi-parameters and uncertain projections of models through time. This is exactly because we don’t know, that the risk is higher for all. Switching from uncertainty to anticipation, before it is too late. That’s what ICA is all about.


    FOR WHAT I As two Great Leaders of this early 21st century, we modestly solicit you personally, to team-up for all, to show what mankind can do when talents are aligned and work together, as an unvaluable trust for the future generations. For this fast evolution needed, we solicit you to help this generation to create its next rules for this transition time. Please find in the file attached the draft proposal for the creation of the ICA. In our view, we do think you are the two Great Talents for this, and we would be delighted if you both accept to Co-Chair the ICA. You will notice that we are proposing a smart evolution, rather than a reform from scratch or aside mechanism. ICA is the infrastructure and enabler agency dedicated to climate. By preserving stability within Agencies and Coalitions that already exist, ICA will energize the switch & upgraded cooperation, building on existing processes and inter-governmental rules for maximum efficiency.


    If there is no Diploma for the Willingness, the Courage of Empathy and Strikingness, other than the track-records and proof of facts, we do consider, Dear Chancellor Merkel, Dear President Obama, that you both understand and feel the World. You both have proved, with the strong power of believing, “that it is possible”. When we want enough, we can make our best to make it.


    The NetZero Coalition’s approach advocates and creates a reflexional framework and, broad-based support, powered by a Global Citizen view for a NetZero World. On 2-3 June 2021, we co-organized the Carbon Pricing Conference, under the honorary presidencies of Pr Jean Jouzel (former Vice-Chair IPCC) and Philippe Croizon (Global amazing adventurer, author and advocate for Low Carbon Economy). We discussed different angles of climate/carbon-related finance & policies, with representatives of different recognized bodies and stakeholders(*), and panels composed of financial players, NGOs, academics, regulators, and investors from different Countries (US, EU, France, UK, China, India, Africa, Middle East, etc). All the top-ranked Leader-speakers worked to fully align their track-records and talents with this single goal of accelerating action against Climate Change. As a result of these discussions, it appears that the best contribution we can deliver to prepare this very expected COP26, six years after the Paris Agreement, is to address this “Call from Paris to Glasgow” to create the ICA as a must to act from now with you both, Ms Angela Merkel and Mr Barack Obama, as Top XXI Leaders.


    Given your mandates under Articles {6-19} of the UN Paris Agreement, the Article 191 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) to combat climate change and take preventive action in case of risk, and given the Principle 6 of the UNESCO Declaration of Ethical Principles in relation to Climate Change, we are, respectfully, demanding you to make urgently an internationally statement for the creation of this new generation agency, the International Climate Agency, a recognized body to face the Climate problem threatening the Peace & Planet Future. We look forward to your forthcoming statement. We deeply hope that this is resonating with you, and that you will accept to join forces as the Co-Chairs of the ICA, which will be the greatest honor to us on this driven mission on track for 2030. We remain fully at your disposal to discuss the issue further.


    Best regards,

    Founding Members of NetZero Coalition, as Global Citizenship,

    “One Sky, One Planet, One Network”.


    Beyond Pledges I November 2021

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    addressed to


    Queen Elisabeth II & Chief Raoni Metuktire, 

    Ms Angela Merkel & Barack Obama,

    in Cc to Global Leaders.


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    addressed to



    All Global Citizenship